Soteria supports clients to prepare for and manage crises, with a focus on cyber incidents.

Our specialists work with organisations to manage crises by creating proactive and reactive crisis management plans and developing powerful and timely communications.

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Soteria was the Greek goddess of deliverance of safety and preservation from harm. Guided by this philosophy, our team specialises in:

Incident and crisis communications

  1. 01. [Plan + Manage]

    We work with clients to define their incident plans, develop their client and colleague communications and to plan and manage their media engagement strategies.

  2. 02. [Media Communications]

    Our focus is on cyber security incidents. We have experience of developing and managing client, colleague and media communications for global businesses experiencing high profile, significant cyber events.

  3. 03. [Communication Protocols]

    We also have experience of working as part of Government to develop cyber crisis communications protocols. We operate with discretion and within a highly confidential environment.

Crisis Planning

[commerciality + confidentiality]

We have significant and recent crisis and reputational management experience including cyber crisis response.

We work with clients to identify their most relevant crisis scenarios, then to:

  • develop crisis response plans.
  • define communications protocols.
  • draft and agree the key messaging in the event of each scenario.
  • develop crisis communication plans.
  • deliver crisis media training for leaders.
  • run simulation exercises.
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Our approach is centered around commerciality and confidentiality.

Our Values

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We bring extensive and demonstrable incident and crisis management experience for businesses operating across diverse regions. When dealing with, or preparing for a crisis, you need the right experts from day 1 and the right team around you. We will work with you to identify the most relevant crisis scenarios, then together we will prepare your response.



We understand the apprehension for organisations as they head into crisis. We are experienced in dealing with senior teams from inception and we know that the first 24 hours are critical. We understand the regulatory responsibilities and are experienced in executing the right communication protocols at the right time.



We know how to build robust plans that implement the right teams and the processes that take you through the first 30 days of your incident. We are with you every step providing stable, reliable and experienced advice that helps you to determine your next action.



We will rigorously examine the plans built to ensure the commercial impact, impact to key audiences and impact of your communications are appropriately balanced. We understand the importance of delivering adaptive plans across different regions to ensure decisions made deliver effectively across all key markets.



We operate with discretion and with the highest degree of confidentiality. We understand the impact these events have and the need to disseminate information in an appropriate way, carefully and to the right audiences at the right time.

Our Team

Soteria Team Image
Soteria Team Image